The Shree Balrajeshwar Mahadev temple, A heritage monument of a bygone era, is dedicated to the Lord Shiva / Neelkantha / Natraja (The Destroyer of all evil) and was established approx. a 100 years ago by Late Shri Godhardas Khattau who had a vision and was called to excavate a deity of their lords from a particular Spot.

On excavation, a stone Deity in the form of a Ling emerged thereby transforming the myth into a reality. The late Shri Godhardas Khattau, on being rewarded for his dedication built a small temple to provide shelter for the Deity. And since the vision, the faith (Shraddha) in God has increased a thousand-fold and so is the number of the devotees who throng to this temple for Darshan with the Lord God, for salvation and atonement for their sins, a larger temple was rebuilt in 1901.

For a religious Hindu, a daily visit to this temple prior to his work routine is signified as being blessed for the day by the almighty. The temple is managed by Shri J.K. Morarji and the grandsons of Late Shri Godhardas Khattau.

Since its inception, the Upadhya family have dedicated their life in serving the Lord by conducting all the religious functions, ceremonies,prayers and services within and outside the Temple premises, to its followers. The Upadhya family have contributed their sons from time to time, right from Late Maharaj Shri Ambalal Kashiram Upadhya, Maharaj Shri Maheshbhai Upadhya, to Maharaj Shri Harishbhai Upadhya - the third generation of Upadhaya lineage in the service of Lord Shiva.


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